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Hi!  My name is Nicole.  I am the owner and founder of Paws and Claws.  Animals have always been my passion.  I have over 11 years of animal care experience.  I have fostered over 120 animals with Shelter from the Storm.  I now also have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a bearded dragon. I have loved animals since I was young but my first animal was a wonderful dog adopted from the humane society.  His name is Lou.  Lou probably provided me with more experience with animal care than one would think any animal could.  It began with having to house train a very timid dog.  He knew no basic skills.  He didn't know how to climb stairs or even eat his dog food.  Lou was also an epileptic and had grand mal seizures. Lou's seizures were finally controlled and he turned out to be a very happy outgoing dog.

After a couple years I started working with Shelter from the Storm.  Throughout my time with the shelter I have had the opportunity to do various things including transporting animals, fostering over 120 cats and dogs, caring for sick animals, administering medications to animals, and volunteering as the foster coordinator.  When working with the shelter I had the opportunity to go down and help the animals that were victims of Hurricane Katrina.  I was part of a group of five that camped down there for a week to help out the animals found with feeding, bathing, walking and general care.  During that visit we also brought up over 50 animals back to Wisconsin on a transport.  I also have experience dealing with behavioral "concerns"  from aggressive behaviors to shy animals. 

Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters that work with Paws and Claws:

Hi, I'm Hillary.  I have always had a huge love for animals.  I have tried to help them all my life, from an injured rabbit when I was a kid, to a nest of starlings trapped in a wall to a red-winged hawk that I rescued from inside a building a few years ago.  I would do just about anything to save an animal.  I have a dog (Koda) who is a cocker spaniel that I adopted who loves destroying new and expensive toys (his record is 20 seconds!) and a cat (Riley) who I've had since he was a kitten and is absolutely crazy but adorable!  I love admiring and spoiling other people's pets so that's why I love my job!

Hi, my name is Samantha.  I grew up with Alaskan Malamutes, but now have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with whom I have done a number of dog jogs and agility classes over the past nine years.  I have never not had a dog and love working and playing with them - I am very excited to now have that as part of my job description.

Hi, my name is Jenny and I'm 23 years old.  I've grown up around animals my whole life, especially dogs.  My family has had a pit bull, a rottweiler-doberman mix, a boxer, a few labs, and a chihuahua.  We've also had a quail, mice, fish, and a hamster.  Being around a variety of dogs has given me a lot of experience and confidence with them.  I love the happiness and unconditional love they bring everywhere they go!

Hi, my name is Becca.  I'm currently attending MATC here in Madison, working towards getting a bachelors degree in Zoology, after which I hope to work in wildlife rehabilitation someday.  Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to have a job where I could work with animals.  Every summer my parents would take me and my sister camping up north for a week, and I think that helped shape my respect and love for all nature and animals.  I even went to a farm that was down the street from where we lived and asked them if I could help them groom and feed their horses, I worked there for a little while and had a great time!  I've always had pets too.  I currently have a cat named Mort and there are two dogs at my parents house and whenever I go visit them I always end up going out in the backyard to play fetch of just run around with them.

Hello, my name is Jena!  I am 22 years old and am currently a student in the Veterinary Technician program at MATC.  I have always been an animal lover and have gained a lot of experience with animals over the yeras.  I have volunteered with shelters caring for special needs animals, have worked with numerous horses, and I am currently volunteering with critters at the Dane County Humane Society.  Growing up, my family had hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish.  Now, I have my own horse named Stetson.  I love caring for animals and working for Paws and Claws because animals are our loyal, lovable family members and it's rewarding to work with them.

Hi, my name is Cassie.  Ever since I can remember animals have been a part of my life.  I am so excited about my job as a pet sitter/ dog walker because I get to share my love and compassion for animals with your pet.  Growing up in rural Wisconsin I've helped raise a wide variety of pets including cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents, ferrets, horses, llamas and more.  All are wonderful in their own unique ways.  Currently I have a cocker spaniel named Omar with a very spunky personality.  My volunteer experience at dog shelters has put a soft spot in my heart for rescue animals and I truly believe animals can be our greatest teachers.

Hi, my name is Laura.  My love of animals goes further back than my memory.  Growning up, we have everything from rabbits and guinea pigs to geckos and turtles.  My first puppy was a sheltie puppy and truly taught me about the love only an animal can give.  These days, I am an adoptive fur-mom to two kitties, Bella Mina (meaning "beautiful love" in Italian and German) and Zephyr Edward.  I am currently studying online through Purdue University to earn my Veterinary Technician degree and would some day like to do rescue mission trips to foreign countries to save wildlife. I love spending my all time with animals, so this doesn't even feel like a job!


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