Paws and Claws was created in 2009 by founder, Nicole Rice. Nicole had spent the majority of her early career volunteering and helping shelter animals during her free time. Finding a passion with animal care, Nicole resigned her corporate job to create Paws & Claws. Working from the ground up, the company began with only a few clients in the Madison and surrounding area.  Nicole and her sister, Corinne, were the Paws and Claws team at that point.  Paws and Claws quickly grew to the point additional team members had to be brought on to help with the new demands. Today, the company stands at over 1,000 clients, many of whom use the service on a regular basis.  Corinne, a Marine veteran, now owns the company as Nicole focuses exclusively on boarding.  Corinne is committed to continuing the excellent care and communication that Nicole and her team have provided for the past decade.  Paws and Claws strives to make sure the animals and clients we care for are the happiest they can be. 

Hello, I'm Nicole!


I am the founder of Paws and Claws.  Animals have always been my passion.  I have over 15 years of animal care experience.  I have fostered over 120 animals with Shelter from the Storm.  I now also have 2 dogs and 3 cats. I have loved animals since I was young but my first animal was a wonderful dog adopted from the humane society.  His name was Lou.  Lou probably provided me with more experience with animal care than one would think any animal could.  It began with having to house train a very timid dog.  He knew no basic skills.  He didn't know how to climb stairs or even eat his dog food.  Lou was also an epileptic and had grand mal seizures. Lou's seizures were finally controlled and he turned out to be a very happy outgoing dog.


After a couple years I started working with Shelter from the Storm.  Throughout my time with the shelter I had the opportunity to do various things including transporting animals, fostering over 120 cats and dogs, caring for sick animals, administering medications to animals, and volunteering as the foster coordinator.  When working with the shelter I had the opportunity to go down and help the animals that were victims of Hurricane Katrina.  I was part of a group of five that camped down there for a week to help out the animals found with feeding, bathing, walking and general care.  During that visit we also brought up over 50 animals back to Wisconsin on a transport.  I also have experience dealing with behavioral "concerns" from aggressive behaviors to shy animals. 

Hi, I'm Corinne!

I own Paws and Claws (dream job!).  I've always been obsessed with animals - ask my parents about my favorite book as a child!  They'll say "The New Encyclopedia of the Dog" by Bruce Fogle.  I read it constantly, learning about not only dog breeds but also how to properly care for and train dogs.  When I was 10 years old, I made a speech stating why I wanted a dog and how I would care for them.  That's when we got Mandy, my childhood dog.  She was my best friend for years until she passed.

I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at 18 and spent 4 years on active duty before relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee with my husband and children.  We attended college at the University of Tennessee, adopted a shelter dog, and recently came back to Wisconsin.  I have 5 babies: 4 humans and 1 dog.  Her name is Reese, a mix of who knows what breeds, and my kids argue over whose bed she will sleep in at night.  I understand that pets are family and my goal is to always make sure that while you are at work or on vacation, your pets get the family treatment!

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