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Dog Waste Removal

Image by Nick & Djalila

Keep your yard looking beautiful with our dog waste removal services!

We offer weekly, biweekly, or as-needed scooping services where we scoop the poop and haul it away.

We also offer spring thaw cleaning, where we clean your yard of dog waste after the big spring thaw and haul it away.

After every yard is cleaned, our equipment and rubber boots are cleaned with a kennel-grade cleaner strong enough to keep over 50 different pathogens and viruses at bay.

How it Works:


You fill out our waste removal consultation form.  Our team will be in contact shortly.


We will come and discuss services and frequency with you and learn the area you need waste removal services.


We will get you set up in our online system, where we do all scheduling and invoicing.


We will remove your dog waste and haul it away for you.  We will send you a photograph after your dog waste has been removed.


At the end of the business day, we will send you an invoice for services rendered.


$50/month if booked weekly

Starting at $60 for spring thaw cleaning

Prices above reflect up to 2 dogs.  Additional charges may occur for large yards, a very large amount of waste at a spring thaw or as-needed cleaning, or for 3 or more dogs.  You will receive a quote at the consultation.

Set up Waste Removal Consultation

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