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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you administer medications?

  • We administer most types of medication, but do not give injections, insulin, or subcutaneous fluids.

Do you offer overnight care?

  • We offer almost overnights, which consist of a 3 hour evening visit plus a 30-minute morning and midday visit!

How does scheduling work?

  • You can schedule through Time to Pet, and we will arrive during the time block you requested.

What does “team-based” mean?

  • We have multiple staff members, which means we are able to be flexible and more available than a solo sitter! It’s also great for socialization for your pet.

How will you access our home?

Please have one or more of the following:

1. a lockbox on site

2. a coded entry point (plus a spare key for us to keep on file just in case!)

3. two coded entry points

4. two copies of the keys and two copies of any fobs

  • For dog/adventure walks, you’ll need either a lockbox or code entry, because we are keyless for those services.

Should I leave written notes?

  • Written notes are great as a bonus, but please make sure that your portal profile and pet profiles are up-to-date! We always go off of portal notes, so if your written notes are different, it may confuse us.

Are you bonded and insured?

  • Yes, we are! We are also all pet CPR and first aid certified. All of our staff members get regular background checks, too.

Will you be available last-minute?

  • Emergencies come up, and we are usually available to help out when they do. We recommend scheduling ASAP, but if you have an emergency occur please feel free to contact us.

My dog is scheduled for a walk, but the weather is awful. What do you do in this situation?

  • If it is very hot or very cold, we shorten walks and have play time inside for the duration of the visit. Same if it is rainy and your pup isn’t a fan of the rain! We always listen to the pups and their body language. We will switch your adventure hike to a dog walk if weather doesn’t allow a hike that day (and charge accordingly, not for an adventure walk).

When do we pay?

  • Payment is due upon booking services. You can go into Time to Pet to tip your walkers/sitters if you’d like, after you return! Dog walks and adventure hikes are billed weekly on Mondays for all walks that week.

What is the best way to reach you?

  • The portal is the #1 way to reach us. We’re also available by email at and phone at (608) 218-4407.

How much of a dog visit is spent walking?

  • Our visit time includes leashing/harnessing up, crating, refreshing water, etc. Walk time depends on how quickly that goes and also on weather and your dog’s response to walking. Our adventure hikes are 90 minutes from arrival to the time your dog is back home.

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