Litter Box Exchange

Cat Resting

It's important to monitor your cat's bowel and urinary movements for signs of health issues.  For that reason, most pet professionals recommend traditional litter boxes instead of automatic litter boxes.  These boxes need regular changing.

Dirty litter boxes are unhealthy for cats and their humans.  Sometimes, cats may decide to "hold it" instead of going in a dirty box, which can result in health issues such as urinary blockages.  A fresh, clean litter box promotes good and healthy litter box habits for cats.

We offer weekly or biweekly litter box exchange services where we haul away your dirty box and bring you a fresh, filled litter box.

This service does not replace daily scooping.

How it Works:


You fill out our litter box exchange form.  Our team will be in contact shortly.  You buy an extra of each litter box.  Our service alternates between these boxes.


We will come and discuss services and frequency with you and give you a quote.


We will get you set up in our online system, where we do all scheduling and invoicing.


We drop off a clean, filled box, haul away your dirty litter box, and clean/sweep the litter area (if cleaning supplies are left out).


At the end of the business day, we send you an invoice for services rendered.

$15/exchange (includes fresh litter in a clean box)

+$7.50/extra box

Additional charges may occur for premium litter such as Pretty Litter.  You will receive a quote at the consultation.  The client must provide an extra of each box.

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